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An Alma Mater Engagement Session on IU Campus

Lasserina and Daniel had their first date at Eskenazi Museum of Art at Indiana University, where they were both on the mock trial team. Five years later, in front of that same museum, Daniel asked Lasserina to be his wife. And so it was only fitting that it should be the backdrop for their engagement portraits. After their formal portraits at the museum, they switched into more casual outfits and we took photos at a couple of their other favorite spots on and near campus. I had a lot of fun with Lasserina and Daniel; they laugh easily, and they make me laugh, too.

This session is also a great example of why it’s so special to do early morning sessions, especially in the summer. Early mornings are the time of day when the temperature is lowest, the humidity is minimal, and the light is soft. Plus, there are fewer people out and about, so it makes it much easier to do photos in a public place and not have people in the background.

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