-Stephanie, bride

"Not only is Shanti incredibly talented, but she is also an amazing human.
She’s just one of those people that you immediately feel at home with— I could feel that connection the moment we started shooting."

"Her energy is infectious."

on Engagements & Anniversaries


The wedding is the Super Bowl of a relationship, but it's hardly the only point of celebration. Photos are one very important way that we acknowledge and commemorate moments of meaning in our lives, and I love when people chose to use a session as a marker for an important time. Sessions can be gifts, they can be a celebration of a move, or they can be just a reason to get some new pictures on the wall. These sessions offer the opportunity to work with less structure than a wedding day, and can even be planned in a special city or location, just for the fun of it. I recommend treating sessions with a sense of fun: pick out your outfits with care. Get your hair and nails done. Pop a cork on whatever drink you use to celebrate. Sessions are fun.