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A Multi-Decade St. Patrick’s Day Family Tradition in Chicago

The Finn family is the ultimate example of “Chi-rish,” and they have been celebrating their Irish heritage in downtown Chicago for almost 40 years. They get a hotel room overlooking the Chicago River, famously dyed a shocking green for the weekend, and come together for Irish dancing and family celebration. There are lots of cute babies, Irish sweaters, and abounding laughter.

This year there was a little extra celebration, because Johnny and Mikey (of #Finn40 fame) recently got engaged! Part of my assignment was to do some fabulous shots of her Kwiat ring (as well as the personalized bottle of Veuve Clicquot gifted by Kwiat) and the two of them, so I’ve included a couple of those shots as well. I was honored to get to document the party this year and to help celebrate Mikey and Johnny’s recent engagement. (Naturally, I broke my traditional uniform for work and wore green.)

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