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Year of the Dragon

    Happy Lunar New Year! Years ago (as in, seven years ago, at the start of the Year of the Rooster), on a very cold January night, I was on my way from SoHo to Brooklyn to photograph a birthday party. I had plenty of time and was feeling bold and adventuresome, so I decided to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to get there. While winding my way through twisty lower Manhattan (not using a map because life can be more fun that way), I happened upon Chinatown’s street celebration of the Lunar New Year. It was an incredible surprise— such a lavish display of joy and tradition. The streets were packed, despite the bitter cold, and people were pulling crackers every few minutes. The pavement was carpeted with streamers, which were also hung heavily over power lines, and the air was thick with confetti. It was a thrill to witness. This is one of the reasons I love meandering and one of the reasons I love New York City.

    Today, we mark the beginning of the Year of the Dragon. Xīn nián kuài lè!

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