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Pitch Studio x SILMAR Brands: A Joyful Holiday Celebration

One of the best things about the holiday season, in addition to spending time with our families, is spending time with our chosen families. The familial energy— mutual love, admiration, and ease— was strong at this joyful holiday dinner party, hosted by Baky Soumare, Martha Velasquez Billen of Local Edition Market, and Megan Finn. Silmar Brands asked me to photograph this cozy evening spent in Baky’s Chicago home, which also houses the showroom for his company, Pitch Studio. The home is exemplary of a dwelling where every detail and function has been considered, resulting in a space that is as luxurious as it is welcoming.

The meal was prepared and presented by Chef Rich Mancini and his team, and among the wines were a couple of striking seashell encrusted bottles of Mare Santo— aged in the sea. Scott Davenport of Davenport Design provided the delightful florals. Baky’s home displays a feast for the eyes of art lovers, including work on either side of the dining room table by Peter Buchman and Lonney White. (And a highlight for me: Taschen‘s Annie Leibovitz SUMO on display!)

To add a sense of sparkly celebration to the air, Kwiat Diamonds kindly loaned jewelry pieces to a few guests, included a bangle, earrings, rings, and brooches, and Megan wore a deep green dress from Calling Calle. And the gathering was a perfect occasion to unveil the beautifully designed and crafted tote bags recently produced for Pitch Studio by Silmar Brands, with subtle embroidery on an inside flap.

I was honored to tell the story of this gracefully relaxed soiree, which was orchestrated with great care and intention and brought together friends with a sense of occasion and an emphasis on beauty and conviviality. To see this group’s shared appreciation for intentional creative endeavors and the many talents at the table was inspiring, and their evident affection for each other was moving.

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