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T.S. 1989

Tiffany will always be my first bride to love Taylor Swift as much as I do. Our mutual Swiftie status was actually one of our first points of connection! As we began planning her wedding and engagement photography, Tiffany and I joked about recreating the cover for 1989— Tiffany’s original initials were T.S., and, like Taylor (and like me!), she was born in 1989. The jokes got progressively more serious until we just went for it and made it a session. Tiffany styled it up proper with her seagull sweatshirt and red lips and brought oodles more props for play, including her dog, Scout. We took an evening in the studio, listened to of all T. Swizzle’s albums on shuffle, popped champagne and visually riffed on 1989 vibes. It was so much fun.

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